Saints Gaming Ready to Begin Selecting Players for 2018/19 Teams

On February 3rd, the first coaches meeting of 2018 will be held. The coaching staff will begin reviewing applications for the 2018/19 varsity teams. Interested players are urged to submit their application as soon as possible to be considered for the first round of offers that may go out towards the middle of February.

The application can be submitted online Here

Applicants are encouraged to be thorough when listing their competitive achievements especially as the first round of offers will go out to high level recruits with significant competitive experience.

The coaching staff will continue to meet monthly to review new applications and send out more offers so if you have applied and do not receive an offer in February, all hope is not lost.

For more information on Saints Gaming and the application process email

Saints Gaming and St. Clair SRC acquire Esport Gaming Events


October 23rd 2017

Saints Gaming and St. Clair SRC acquire Esport Gaming Events

WINDSOR, Ontario - The St. Clair College Student Representative Council Inc. (SRC) has reached an agreement with Esports Gaming Events (EGE) co-founders Shaun Byrne, Sten Dragoti, Will Girard, and Shane Perron to acquire leading esports event companies in Canada and all of its assets. The assets will be absorbed by Saints Gaming, the varsity esports team that was launched by the SRC in September.

Esports, also referred to as competitive video gaming has seen tremendous growth in recent years.  St. Clair College is the first school in Canada to introduce a varsity esports program to the collegiate atmosphere.  In the United States, there are 60 varsity esports programs within colleges and universities.

“This move will put more resources at our disposal and strengthen our position as a leading esports organization in Canada,” said Shaun Byrne, Esports Director with Saints Gaming and former CEO of Esport Gaming Events. “St. Clair College and EGE have been working together to grow the esports community for years and this will help to increase the pace at which that growth continues”

“Not only will this agreement increase our foothold in the esports industry, it will help us add to student life by having access to these resources to create new programming centred around video gaming for the student body at St. Clair College,” said Colin Topliffe, Vice President of Student Life of  the SRC. He added, “we look to stay current with the events and activities we offer our students and this will definitely create new opportunities for us to accomplish that.”

Saints Gaming recently launched an esports training facility on campus, currently being referred to as ‘The Nest’. Much of the equipment acquired through the deal is already being put to use in the facility. In addition, Saints Gaming has events planned throughout the year where the resources will become invaluable including the St. Clair College Xmas LAN in December, No Man’s LAN in March and Saints Gaming Live in the Spring.


For media inquiries, contact:

Shaun Byrne
Esports Director for Saints Gaming
St. Clair College SRC

St. Clair College Launches eSports Program and Saints Gaming Live Tournament

WINDSOR, Ontario —St. Clair College is proud to announce the launch of Saints Gaming, a competitive eSports team, in September 2017. Saints Gaming will mark the introduction of an eSports program in a Canadian post-secondary institution, becoming the first of its kind north of the border. 

“St. Clair College continues to set the standard by adapting to the changing needs of our students,” said Tristan Bouchat, President of the Student Athletic Association at St. Clair College. “It’s a matter of inclusivity here at St Clair.” 

“The popularity of eSports is continually growing, and this niche program will appeal to students who may not have previously thought about going to St. Clair College or pursuing college in general,” said Bouchat.

The introduction of an eSports team is a crucial step in keeping up with an evolving campus atmosphere, and St. Clair College recognizes this need.  In recent years, the college has seen an increase in the popularity of programs such as Networking, Web Development, Mobile Applications Development and Robotics, reinforcing the change in campus culture. 

“Technology is such a huge component of any student’s life, so incorporating this aspect into a competitive gaming environment is a huge step forward for St. Clair, all the while offering students another avenue to engage in extracurricular activities,” said Student Representative Council President, Jeff Rousseau. 

Local eSports consultant and Windsor-Essex County native Shaun Byrne has been selected to spearhead the program as “eSports Coordinator”.  Byrne will oversee the planning and implementation of the program, along with campus tournaments. 

“Since entering the industry, it has been my goal to bring eSports to a mainstream audience,” said Byrne. “Having eSports officially recognized alongside traditional varsity sports is a big step in making that a reality.” 

Try-outs for the team will take place at the college-hosted tournament, Saints Gaming Live, which will occur in St. Clair College’s SportsPlex, June 10 and 11. It is expected to be attended by 2,000 people. The event will feature live gaming competitions, casual free-play gaming areas, celebrity gaming personalities, a cosplay contest, and a vendor and artists alley. 

The Information Technology Club has played an integral role in bringing eSports tournaments to the St. Clair College campus, with yearly staples such as Xmas LAN and No Man’s LAN.   “Saints Gaming Live is an opportunity to expand on past success, help kick off a competitive eSports scene here at St. Clair College, and give local eSports an opportunity to rise to new heights,” said Dean Hayes, current President of the Information Technology Club.

In addition to try-outs and tournament prizing, any new incoming high school student to St. Clair College in September 2017, who participates in the tournament, will receive a $500 tuition bursary.  St. Clair College has also designated $250,000 for this endeavor with the hope of developing a scholarship program to support the eSports team.

The Saints eSports team will consist of players who specialize in specific PC and console games such as: League of Legends, Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Street Fighter V. 

The Saints eSports team is expected to begin participating in tournaments this September. 

For information about the upcoming tournament at St. Clair College and how to register, visit 

For more information about the Saints Gaming and Saints Gaming Live, contact: 

Dean Hayes
Information Technology Club President

Shaun Byrne
Saints Gaming eSports Coordinator


For sponsorship opportunities, contact:

Brandon Stanley
CAD: 647.878.0909
USA: 313.626.7464