No Man's LAN XIII Smash 4 Recap

The thirteenth edition of Ontario’s largest 24 hour LAN Party, No Mans LAN, was hosted by Saints Gaming and the Information Technology Club this past weekend.

The event featured tournaments across multiple games but the largest of them was the Smash Bros. 4 singles tournament with 48 entrants. 

Entered in the tournament were three members of the Panda Global Rankings top 50, Tamim “Mistake” Omary, Elliot “Ally” Carroza-Oyarce and Julian “Zinoto” Carrington who are ranked 13, 14, and 31 in the world respectively.

After eight pools of six, the main bracket started and saw Mistake, Ally and Zinoto all move through as expected. Zinoto beat Ally in 3 straight games to advance to Winners Finals while Mistake took down Vishal “V115” Balaram 3-0 on the other side of bracket. 

After a close 3-2 set Mistake took the win over Zinoto and moved to Grand Finals while Zinoto would go on to lose to Ally in another close set in losers finals, setting up Mistake vs Ally for the championship. Ally forced a bracket reset with a 3-0 victory and proceeded to take 3 more straight games over for the tournament victory. 

The highest finishing Saints Player was JJ who finished 13th suffering losses to Uberman and Soarin, both players that travelled down from the Greater Toronto Area to compete.

The next major event hosted by the Saints Gaming Team will be Saints Gaming Live which is to be hosted on the weekend of June 9. The tournament features over $20,000 in various prizes, you can pre register for the event over at

Dacotah Erwin

Shaun Byrne