Funky Time vs Crazy Time: Which to Choose?

When it comes to gameplay, Funky Time keeps things simple and accessible for all. Players bet on which number or symbol the wheel will land on when spun by the host. With straightforward rules and betting detailed on sites like, Funky Time delivers a classic live casino experience perfect for beginners.

Crazy Time amps up the action with multiple bonus games that can be triggered after each wheel spin. Landing on bonus segments sends players into one of four unpredictable bonus rounds like Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, and Pachinko. With random outcomes and big payout potential, Crazy Time offers non-stop excitement at a rapid pace.

Funky Time vs Crazy Time

After a comprehensive comparison, what are the critical distinctions between these two live wheel games?

  • Wheel Layouts: Crazy Time has 54 segments, Funky Time has a larger 64 segment wheel.
  • Wheel Technology: Crazy Time uses a physical wheel by TCS John Huxley. Funky Time utilizes DigiWheel’s digital wheel.
  • RNG Involvement: Crazy Time relies on RNGs in 2 bonus games versus 3 RNG bonuses in Funky Time.
  • RTPs: Funky Time edges out Crazy Time 95.99% to 95.41% for highest potential RTP. But both are very close.
  • Maximum Payouts: Crazy Time’s 20,000X multiplier exceeds Funky Time’s 10,000X potential. However, Funky Time has higher letter bet payouts.
  • Bonuses: Both have 4 unique bonus games, but Crazy Time’s bonuses stand out as more creative.

Groove Back in Time with Funky Time

Funky Time is a 70s-themed live casino game that brings the disco era to life. Players bet on a colorful spinning wheel divided into segments with instant cash prizes or access to four fun bonus games.

The wheel contains 64 segments for more winning opportunities. Landing on numbers or letters pays out directly while bonus symbols take you to disco-inspired bonus rounds.

In bonuses like the VIP Disco Ball, you can win up to 10,000X your bet! With a retro disco vibe, bonus round thrills, and big payout potential, Funky Time is a dance-worthy live game that’s easy to play and fun to win.

Contrasting the Groovy and Crazy: Key Differences Between Funky Time and Crazy Time

Funky Time and Crazy Time may seem similar at first glance with their colorful spinning wheel games, but a deeper look reveals key contrasts between these two hit live casino titles. From divergent themes and gameplay to unique bonus events and payout potential, Funky Time and Crazy Time each provide their own distinctive experiences.

Gameplay and Mechanics: Retro Wheel vs Futuristic Action

The core gameplay revolves around a spinning wheel in both games. But Funky Time utilizes a retro-styled DigiWheel with 64 segments for more betting variety than the standard Crazy Time wheel. Funky Time also quickens the pace with just a 20 second betting window to jump right into the action.

While Crazy Time focuses on a central wheel with bonus games as separate events, Funky Time seamlessly blends wheel spins with built-in specialty rounds activated directly on the wheel itself. This creates a more dynamic and interconnected experience compared to the compartmentalized bonuses of Crazy Time.

Vibrant Visuals: Disco Dazzle vs Carnival Chaos

Funky Time transports players back to the 1970s with its disco-inspired visual flair. Neon lights, dance floors, and groovy tunes infuse Funky Time with nostalgic retro energy. Crazy Time goes for sensory overload with an eccentric carnival atmosphere using intense colors and zany characters. Both games employ distinctive visual styles that complement their individual themes.

Bonus Rounds: Grooving and Choosing vs Spinning and Winning

Crazy Time’s bonuses like Coin Flip and Cash Hunt rely on the player choosing symbols or colors to determine prizes. Funky Time bonuses, such as Stayin’ Alive and The Bar, blend player interaction with randomized outcomes for a more dynamic experience. And with four unique bonus games each, both titles provide plenty of variety.

Payouts and Probabilities: Frequent Small Hits vs Rare Big Scores

Funky Time offers a higher frequency of small payouts on its lower paying wheel segments. But Crazy Time gives fewer hits with the potential for bigger individual payouts. So Funky Time appeals to players chasing frequent wins, while Crazy Time caters to those who want to swing for the fences for that elusive massive jackpot.

Which to Choose - Funky Time vs Crazy Time

RTPs and Payout Potentials: A Contrast of Funky Time and Crazy Time

When comparing any two casino games, one key area of difference to analyze is the all-important RTPs and payouts offered. RTP (Return to Player) indicates the average percentage of wagers paid back to players over time. While similar in overall RTP, Funky Time and Crazy Time feature their own unique payout structures.

Number and Letter Segments: Consistent Small Wins

Both games provide frequent small wins on the most common wheel segments. Funky Time offers a slightly higher RTP of 95.99% on its #1 segments versus 96.08% in Crazy Time. However, Funky Time balances this with bigger 25:1 payouts on its letter segments versus lower paying number segments in Crazy Time.

Bonus Round RTPs: Rare but Rewarding

The bonus wheels have lower hit frequency but provide the biggest reward potential. Funky Time bonuses range from 95.38% to 95.98% RTP, while Crazy Time bonuses span 94.41% to 95.72%. Though rarer, betting on the bonus segments is key for unlocking huge payouts.

Maximum Payouts: Link to RTPs

The lower 10,000X maximum payout in Funky Time aligns with its higher letter bet RTPs, while the higher 20,000X potential in Crazy Time balances against its lower bonus RTPs. Different payout structures cater to different player preferences, but both can deliver big scores.

A Final Comparison of Funky Time and Crazy Time

After analyzing the RTPs, how do Funky Time and Crazy Time stack up? Some key takeaways:

  • Crazy Time has a variable RTP between 94.41% and 96.08% depending on the bet. Funky Time is more consistent at around 95-95.99%.
  • Crazy Time’s lower RTP bonus rounds tempt players to chase big sporadic wins. Funky Time maintains balanced RTPs across all bets.
  • Crazy Time’s 20,000X maximum payout outstrips Funky Time’s 10,000X potential. But Funky Time offers higher payouts on its letter bets.
  • Crazy Time feels riskier but produces bigger jackpots. Funky Time emphasizes reliability over volatility.