Saints Cyber Gaming

Saints Cyber Gaming Club is an institution that offers a full-fledged studio dedicated to esports competitions. We provide a professional level space equipped with the best gaming peripherals, allowing our members to train and learn constantly. In addition, our environment promotes camaraderie and a positive atmosphere where players can learn new skills and develop as a player through practice and competition.

The Saints Cyber Gaming Club offers an assortment of leagues and events to participate in. These leagues allow players of all experience levels to participate in gaming with others who share a common interest.

Since 2021, Saints Cyber Gaming has been recruiting and developing top-notch cyber athletes in various popular games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Dota II, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege. We have a strict regiment of practice sessions, individual development plans for each athlete, and a team atmosphere that fosters motivation and growth.

Saints Cyber Gaming Club offers members the opportunity to compete in various leagues against other teams from across Canada. Our competitive teams travel across Ontario, Quebec and other provinces to participate in live competitions.

With the support of big Canadian companies that are actively involved in the development of cybersports, we hope to bring you more exciting events and build a successful community around competitive gaming in this country. Such are:

  • is a company that provides ratings of the best iGaming brands in Canada.
  • Constellation Software Inc is another corporation that supports our activity. It’s a leading software supplier for different industrial sectors.

Our list of partners also includes CGI Inc, Cubix, Mobcoder, Descartes Systems Group Inc – all of these companies are trying to participate in strengthening Canada’s place on the world eSports scene.

Our on-site training facility allows the most dedicated and serious gamers to train independently or with elite coaches at the competitive level.

Our team of coaches works with our players to master the skills needed to dominate their respective roles. And training program is one of the best in the nation and focuses on specific gameplay strategies.

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